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Bone Health

Watch for 12 Minutes - Learn how to Maintain Bone Health

Strength Training Improves Your Bones

From Harvard Health - Strength Training builds more than muscles

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  • Most of us know that strength training  can help build and maintain muscle mass and strength.
  • What many of us don't know is that strong muscles lead to strong bones.
  • Strong bones can help minimize the risk of fracture due to osteoporosis.

BFR Studies / Peer Review

Peer Review of Training with BFR

BFR with Bands allows people to do strength training with exercise as easy as walking!

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Using BFR showed improved skeletal bone mass patterns

Other papers showed that low intensity exercise combined with BFR may provide not only an increase in muscle adaptation, but also in bone and consequently modification in its biomarkers

Studies analyzed two biomarkers and found that BFR training also accelerates bone metabolism

Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises combined with BFR can provide satisfactory results related to the bone biomarkers.


BFR is a feasible and applicable alternative to many population groups (elderly, young, physically active or not), that aim to treat or slow up the effects of bone diseases


Safe with Light Exercise

Safety Studies

Exercise: Walking


  • These findings suggest that at-risk populations can perform BFR without fear of overt cardiovascular risk.

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Safety Study Yoga

Exercise: Yoga


  • We found that there were no further elevations in arterial blood pressure and myocardial oxygen demand when / B  Strong Bands were added to yoga practices.
  • Our findings indicate that / B Strong Bands can be applied to yoga while avoiding unfavorable hemodynamic responses and preserving the intended effects on muscle hypertrophy.

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