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Join us with Guests or Invite Guests you know in these areas. Dr Mike will be presenting as well as conducting demos

UTAH/IDAHO September 28 - October 3

Monday Sept 28th
Time: 3 pm
Salt Lake City, UT
Mindful Living Center - 1592 1100 E, Salt Lake City, Utah
Host: Misty Jessup

Monday Sept 28th
Time: 7 pm
Ogden, UT
3296 N 850 W, Ogden, UT
Hosts: Dana Taylor & Amy Fielding

Tuesday - Sept 29th
Time: 8-10 am
Preston, ID
The Studio Workouts
34 S State St, Preston, ID
Hosts: Jeannine Groll & Tammy Mendenhall

Tuesday - Sept 29th
Time 6 pm
Preston, ID
Groll Family Fitness, 130 E 3rd St, Preston, ID
Hosts: Chris and Jeannine Groll

Wednesday - Sept 30th
Time: 8-10 AM
Preston, ID
34 S State St
Hosts: Jeannine and Chris Groll

Wednesday - Sept 30th
Time: 6 pm
Chubbuck, ID
Performance Pilates, Pine Ridge Mall
Hosts: Melissa Jordan, Sherrie Hebert, Tammy Mendenhall

Friday - October 2nd
Time: 2-8 pm
Logan, UT
True Health, 517 W 100 N suite 202, Providence, UT
2-8 PM Certification with last hour (7 pm) for guest presentation and demo
Hosts: Mary Wellmon, Sandra Checketts, Tammy Mendenhall, Tonnya Atwood

Friday - October 2nd
Time: 7 pm (For Guests)
Logan, UT
True Health, 517 W 100 N suite 202, Providence, UT
Hosts: Mary Wellmon, Sandra Checketts, Tammy Mendenhall, Tonnya Atwood

INDIANA October 9-11

Friday October 9
Time: 6 PM CT
Hope Church, 609 N McKinley Ave, Rensselaer, IN  47978
Hosts - Dr. Steve Jennings and Christine Jennings

Saturday October 10
Time: 10 AM ET
Woodview Elementary School, 800 E Woodview Dr, Nappanee, IN 46550
Hosts - Dr. Greg and Carol Adams, John and Dawn Payne

Time: 2 PM ET
University Park Chiropractic, 6910 N Main St UNIT 5, Granger, IN  46530
Hosts - Dr. Kevin Hancock and Tracy Warhop

Time: 7 PM ET
Wanemacher Family Home, 726 12B Rd, Bourbon, IN  46504
Host – Kim, Hannah and Bryce Wanemacher

Sunday October 11
Time: 1 PM ET
Gieco Building (465 and 31), 101 103rd St, Indianapolis, IN  46290
Host - Greg Whitehead

Thursday October 15
Time: 6:30 PM ET
Thyme to Heal Herb Shoppe & Wellness Center, 1650 S Miller St, Shelbyville, IN  46176
Hosts - Kathy Self and Cathy Taylor